Here are some of the programs I have written in my spare time. Feel free to download and share them; they are all open source.

Tic Tac Toe

Download from Bitbucket

Description: A simple implementation of the classical paper-and-pencil game, featuring an invincible artificial intelligence (AI).

Implementation details: The AI uses the Minimax algorithm, leading to a perfect play. Therefore, the player cannot possibly win; the best outcome is a draw.

Screenshot of the game. The player has lost against the AI.

Voxel Terrain Generator

Download from Bitbucket

Description: An experimental terrain generator for a contest at StackExchange.

Implementation details: A heightmap is generated by a random walk and then displayed as a collection of cubes with WPF 3D.

Screenshot of a generated voxel terrain


Download from Sourceforge

Description: A powerful and flexible word generator, including templates, machine learning and anagrams.

Status: Unfinished. Currently on hold.